About Us

Mednite is a diagnostic group dedicated to an emerging medical paradigm. All of medicine, and most of America, recognize that exercise and nutrition are the foundation stones of good health. Only now are we developing the diagnostic tools and science to understand how profoundly restful sleep acts as the cement that binds this foundation. It appears so profound that we believe it will be acknowledged as a paradigm shift in medicine in the years to come. A gateway to quality and length of life. 

In less than a decade, this new field of knowledge has expanded so broadly that the American Academy of Sleep Medicine now provides diagnostic criteria for more than 80 sleep disorders, and Medicare provides billing codes for more than 50 of them.

We perform at home sleep testing. And take care of all your CPAP needs. We integrate data from brain, cardiac, respiratory and motor functions and synthesize the data into a multi-layered diagnosis. We may invoke a continuous positive airway pressure protocol when certain breathing problems are uncovered.

Our objective is to help physicians guide their patients to deeply restful sleep. Such sleep is more than restful––it is healing, and it will promote a more effective and rewarding life.

Please contact us with any questions about a home sleep study.

If you are a current CPAP / BiLevel user and want to upgrade your machine or want to know about new and more comfortable masks that is out on the market you have come to the right place.

Take a moment and look at out various products available to you. We accept most PPO insurance and work with your primary care physician to have your needs met.