Over 100 million Americans regularly fail to get a good night’s sleep

About Us

Mednite is a diagnostic group dedicated to an emerging medical paradigm. All of medicine, and most of America, recognize that exercise and nutrition are the foundation stones of good health. Only now are we developing the diagnostic tools and science to understand how profoundly restful sleep acts as the cement that binds this foundation. It appears so profound that we believe it will be acknowledged as a paradigm shift in medicine in the years to come. A gateway to quality and length of life. 

How to Prepare

When scheduled for a sleep study please make sure of the following:

– Do not have caffeinated beverages 10 hours before your scheduled study.

– Do not have any alcoholic beverages 24 hours prior to your study.

– Do not take naps during the day of your study.

– For women-no acrylic nails or nail polish


Mednite Diagnostics

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